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Anybody can use this free camera application with ease for product photo shoot, and upload on personal SNS, community, second Hand markets and online shopping malls!

Here is the basic guideline for STORE Camera that specialized application for product photos.  


But before we get to that, please note that product photos are different from selfies, scenery photos and general daily photos in the sense that products must get the spotlight while providing accurate product information such as true color by adjustment

As photos of products for sale, shouldn’t they be uploaded with photos taken by high quality cameras and high resolution after being edited by Photoshop?


Majority of users are likely to assume that,


Majority of users are likely to assume that, However, large photo files from general camera apps or DSLR cameras ranging at 5MB to 20MB are resized to 200kb ~ 300kb when uploaded to online shopping malls and SNS. Of course, as the photos are resized, the resolution decreases as well.



(Above picture is from some online shopping mall. The photo was taken by DSLR camera but its size was reduced to 290kb when uploaded)


Do sellers ever receive inquiries asking about the true color of the product because of the variation of the colors perceived, even though, the photo uploaded is the same product?


Generally, the process is, photographers take the photo, web designers adjust the color and merchandisers upload the product. However, realistically speaking, web designers lack the time to place each and every product side by side and adjust the color by Photoshop and thus, the problem occurs



(Actual photo uploaded in the internet – left? Or right? Which is the actual product color?)


Store Camera saw this very inefficient and made it possible to take photos with recommended resolution and facilitated swift color adjustment through application without using expensive equipment. This is the special characteristics of Store Camera.

The resolution we recommend is not only optimum for mobile, but also exceeds PC monitor resolution.

Moreover, not just saving the image as the recommended resolution but through image processing, we were able to improve the quality of the photo compared to other same resolution images. In case the users wish to keep high resolution for other reasons (i.e., printing), it can be done simply by changing settings.


Now, here is the basic manual of Store Camera.

​The end goal of using Store Camera is to change above original photo like this

and like this.



If you still haven’t downloaded Store Camera App, please download it now through below link! It’s free, and it does not have any advertisements.



Download on Googleplay(Android)

Download on Appstore (iOS)


The main advantages of Store Camera is that it utilizes product photo shooting even without professional lighting and studio equipment.

Of course, settings can be better with LED lighting, nonetheless, photos can be taken in places such as a store and color adjustment is still possible without white paper or background!



(The photo used here was taken with fluorescent lamp and white paper underneath the product in a regular office)


1. Take Photo


(left original photo / right photo after adjustment – It’s same photo and if it looks different because of location, it’s just optical illusion)


The photos are taken by smart phone cameras so resolution depends on the phone’s specification but recently released phones are generally equipped with high performance cameras so above average quality photo shoots are possible. 

After taking the photo above, pressing the edit button will lead to other several editing menus, but here, we will just use white balance, HD, exposure, brightness and lighting features 



2. White Balance 


(Left, initial screen in white balance / Right, after a touch on the white background)


The white balance function recuperates the color altered to yellowish or blueish color affected by light or surrounding color. Store Camera enables white balance with a simple touch.

Below images show the transformation with left photo’s yellowness is adjusted to white balance with a simple touch.



(Left, original photo / right, photo adjusted with white balance by touch – an actual photo taken at an offline store and uploaded on Instagram)



3. HD



(left, before HD / right, mid HD applied)


The HD changes a photo to high quality photo through image processing. During adjustment, increase in sharpness creates wiggly noise effect but HD feature prevents this from happening. Depending on the photo, try out HD low ~ high and choose the right level for the photo.



4. Exposure / Brightness 


(left, exposure / right, brightness)


The exposure feature is useful when taking photo without lighting as it processes the dark photo brighter. Above photo’s exposure level was increased from basic 50 to 60 and is to be touched again later with partial brightness feature.

The brightness was increased just a little bit because it affects the photo as a whole, and so depending on the picture, it’s okay not to use it.



5. Lighting 



(left, lowered level of lighting / right, increased level of lighting)


Lighting feature was developed after we conducted photo shoot and figured out that ‘exposure’ and ‘brightness’ features weren’t enough to adjust dark spots.
When the preexisting ‘brightness features’ are used, the dimly brightening and darkening effect is imposed on the picture as a whole. However, ‘lighting feature’ allows the effect of an actual lighting and control brightness without the photo becoming vague.
It is useful when adjusting color looking at the actual product. 



6. Save Filter


(left, adjustment screen / right, save screen)


It’s one of the most useful features of Store Camera as generally, product shooting is taken place often in the office, house and stores.
After the adjustment, pressing the folder icon in the middle of menu bar below will save all of the adjustments as one filter.
Saving the filter name accordingly (i.e., by location) will allow users to choose the right filter with ease and then make small adjustments to save the filter with another name. (office 1, office 2, store 1, store 2 etc.) 



7. Use of Filter 


(left, filter applied / right, original file)


Once a filter is made and saved, the users can quickly apply the saved filter for the next photo shooting without having to adjust every single time.
The filters in the locations A~E marked by yellow are filters created by us for various environments. Basically, maximum of 5 user filters are savable but looking to increase that number in the future. 



(above – individually adjusted)



(below – same filter adjustment)


Above illustration uses food as an example to demonstrate that with photos at the same location and same food as subject, individually adjusting will result in different colored photos noting the difference in the table color.  

On the other hand, as shown in the photo below, making a filter after taking a photo for the first food and then using it on the next food produced the same colored photo.



8. Partial Brightness 


(left, partial adjustment menu / right, partial brightness screen)


Partial brightness is used for two purposes.
First purpose is to highlight the area which needs to be emphasized in a product photo and second, is to get rid of dark spots by touch in a product photo with white background.
It has similar effect such as removing background by simply touching. 


※ Function of removing background from the picture to change the background’s color and inserting banners has been developed for PC using Machine learning and it is soon to be available for mobile as well.  


(left, touch for basic size / right, touch the basic size and then change size with the gauge bar on the bottom side of screen)


The screen shows after the adjustment, getting rid of dark spots in the background with partial brightness. When touching for adjustment, touch the outer line of product little by little and adjust the small or large area for the gauge.
Only couple of trials will take to get the hang of it.  


※Iphone users can zoom in using two fingers for more detailed touch and the function for Android is soon to be made. 



(left, partial brightness applied / right, exposure in the adjustment menu)


Once the dark areas are somewhat removed with partial brightness, increase the exposure by a small amount from last 60 to rid small bits of dark areas.
Of course, if the dark spots are completely removed by using partial brightness, there is no need to adjust exposure again.  



9. Save and Share  


(left, adjustment finished / right, album screen)


When the adjustment is complete, save the work by pressing save button on the top right side of corner. And by selecting the photo from the album, users can either share, post to Instagram, Facebook, and so on, or adjust the photo again.  


※ For Androids, users can acquire the PC program installation link through top right PC icon, and set it as a save to folder.



10. Partial Color 


(left, partial calibration menu / right, partial color screen)


The partial color is also used for two purposes.
First, to adjust the product color to true color of the actual product.
Second, if the product has options of various colors, all optional colors can be expressed without additional photo shoots.




(left, touch the blue color in the hat / right, color changed by adjusting saturation)


In the products colors, if it’s whole or partly chromatic color such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple, the difference in the color perceived can vary more from the true color of the product. In that case, select the corresponding color by touch and adjust the below saturation bar to similar color. Range controls if there are other similar colors as the color user selected in the picture, it controls the range of change of the similar color.  



(left, blue is changed to green / right, adjust the saturation of affected color)


When changing the selected color to another color, choose from the color bar below and then adjust the saturation to change it to true color.



11. Other samples 









after couple of trials, the users can take high quality product photo and adjust them within a minute!!


Store Camera was developed specifically for “product photos”. Even in the future, more facilitating and good features will be researched for product photo shoot.



Download on Googleplay(Android)

Download on Appstore (iOS)



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